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Prosthetic leg

Outfeet is an innovative prosthetic leg, designed for amputee women and focuses on their unique needs and desires. 


Outfeet suggest not only a medical device but a fashion accessory. Outfeet allows the amputee to express and recreate herself according to her day, special events or desirable looks. To bring out her own personality, style and taste. From a simple but ornate daytime look, to sportswear or a sophisticated evening-wear.

Outfeet is designed with women in mind; to fit their wishes and compliment the female form and femininity.


The Outfeet prosthesis's structure refers to the leg Silhouette and form, its shape follows the feminine body attributes, and is designed to be an ideal base for the "skins" that are stretched on it. 


A collection of flexible "skins" can be stretched onto the carbon fiber body to give it the volume and shape of a leg without compromising its functionality or overloading the leg.


Outfeet addresses a group with unique needs; amputee women, who would like to overcome their trauma and lead a colorful life.


Outfeet's collection will be updated every season. After the Outfeet prosthetic is fitted by the prosthetist, Outfeet online store will be the place to buy Outfeet's covers suiting the woman's own personal style.


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