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A material research


Mans interference in nature and the technology at his disposal were the inspiration for this project. Throughout the process I examined the products of said interference, mainly their structural and aesthetic aspects. After observing the different ways and effects of mans interference in nature I came to the conclusion that there is no way to fully control the final product and the raw materials initial attributes will always be apparent, to some extent, at the end of the process. 

A study of wool as raw material, exploring two ways to turn the wool into a sheet:


a. From raw material to a sheet of pleats- the material is laid out and transformed into a sheet using heat and steam, traditional methods of creating pleats.


b. From raw material to partial knitting- I developed a knitting method in which only part of the material is knitted. In this method a type of chain is created and serves to connect between parts of the material that remain in the raw state.


Both methods create random results. Each new sheet is different from the next, despite being created in the same technology.

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